Looking For a Zendesk Alternative?

Looking for a Zendesk alternative? Look no further.

At Jitbit, we are seeing a lot of new customers switching over to Zendesk. We've compiled some information for the current Zendesk users who are thinking about switching to help you decide if Jitbit is the right fit for you.

Below you will find the list of Jitbit benefits over Zendesk based on thoughts from the customers who have made the switch as well as our own thoughts and data.

Zendesk is overwhelming. Jitbit is simple yet powerful

The number one concern of the customer who made the switch is that Zendesk is overloaded with features. Yes, you will get every possible feature in Zendesk, but do you really need them all? All these buttons, checkboxes, dashboards, etc. will take up your screen space every single day, but it's unlikely that you will need even half of them.

At Jitbit we try to check out as much competition as possible to stay ahead of the market. And we can honestly tell you that Zendesk has the most complicated UI out there. Even after trying out tens of various help desk apps, we were overwhelmed after signing up for a Zendesk trial.

One of the Jitbit Helpdesk's core values is that our app should help you do your job, not just be another thing you have to learn and use because your boss made you to.

Our help desk app is designed for technicians first and foremost. Everyone at our company, including the founders, replies to support tickets daily and we use Jitbit Helpdesk ourselves. We know how hard and tiring this job can be and the last thing we want is another complicated app standing between customers and us.

We are very careful about adding new features, and we do our best to keep the app simple. And we've gotten pretty good at it: simplicity and ease-of-use are the number one reasons why our customers choose Jitbit. But simple doesn't mean it's not powerful.

Jitbit Helpdesk comes with some incredibly sophisticated features, such as automation rules and SLAs, rich reports, knowledge base, third-party integrations and a lot more. All those features are there if you need them, but if you don't want to use them, they won't be an eyesore on your screen.

Great ticket support system for those not needing a million whistles and bells. Easy setup and not bloated like most. 100% up time and super tech support!
David Baker, I.T. Systems Administrator, Springs Rescue Mission http://www.springsrescuemission.org

Jitbit is not just another annoying complicated piece of software. It actually helps you do your job easier and gets out of your way.

Jitbit actually cares about their customers

Let's be honest here. Zendesk has hundreds of thousands of customers. We, obviously, have much smaller numbers, but it actually benefits you as a client. We give a lot more attention to every single person, and we are very happy to work with you throughout your partnership with us.

If you try to send an email to Zendesk and request a feature, it's unlikely your request will be seriously considered let alone implemented. They receive thousands of tickets per day and you will get a templated response, and your ticket will be thrown into a trash bin.

With Jitbit the situation is different. You can be sure that you will talk with real people. Not only with support agents, but also directly with developers and even the founders. We will discuss your requests with you and will seriously consider adding it into the app. We can't promise that we will implement it, but if we can figure out how your feature can benefit other customers, we certainly will.

I looked at a dozen or more systems before choosing JitBit. Not only has it been a great software solution for our needs, but Max, Vlad, and the rest of the team has been very responsive and helpful whenever we needed assistance. I feel like a partner with JitBit, not just another customers.
Jared Call, Support Manager http://www.vargosolutions.com/

We are a pretty small company, and that makes us very agile. Most often, there is a very small time frame between your request and the feature release - sometimes as low as just a couple of days. That goes not only for feature requests but for everything else as well, - we can come up with a custom pricing for you, help you set everything up, etc.

Jitbit Helpdesk has been around for almost eight years - small doesn't mean unstable. In fact, we may be way more stable than Zendesk. Jitbit is a profitable self-funded company meaning that we are funded by our customers only, and we don't have any investors. Zendesk, on the other hand, has millions of investor dollars, and they care a lot about pleasing them to get their next round of "funding".

Companies choose Jitbit because it's a great app, but they stay with us for the personal approach and customer service. Our customers have an average lifetime of two and a half years. This number is unparalleled across the industry.

Jitbit is much more affordable

You do not have to pay for each agent you have in Jitbit. We have a flexible tier-based pricing structure that makes Jitbit much cheaper than Zendesk, especially for medium and large companies. We have a separate article with a detailed pricing comparison, take a look: Zendesk vs. Jitbit pricing comparison.

It not just slightly cheaper - we are talking about thousands of dollars in the long run. We also have an on-premise version that you can install on your own server and have unlimited agents for a fixed price.

Make the switch with a couple of clicks

Jitbit comes with a tool that imports all your ticket history from Zendesk with just a couple of clicks. Just enter your login and password, wait a minute, and you are done.

You don't have to sacrifice anything when switching from Zendesk to Jitbit.

Ready to give Jitbit a try? You can sign up for a trial here:

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