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We’re PPC management service experts – boosting paid campaign ROI by 300%+.

  • A Google Partner team certified in Ads, Shopping & more
  • Detailed monthly PPC management reports and 1-on-1 meeting
  • Ecommerce focused PPC strategies that drive sales
  • In-House Team, In the USA
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Our PPC Management Experts Will Make Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign a Success

Managing PPC campaigns is one of our core services at OuterBox. We’ve been a leading search engine marketing company since 2004, providing services for organic and PPC campaigns. Our focus on ROI and years of expertise allow us to make the most of each dollar you spend. As a Google Partner, we stay up-to-date with all of the latest paid search trends, while optimizing your campaign using the latest and greatest methods. We’ll take the proven methods we’ve applied for our successful PPC management clients and apply those same strategies to your campaign. Talk with our PPC experts today for a free quote.

PPC Management ROI Focus

PPC Focused on ROI

Our PPC campaigns are focused on ROI, meaning delivering a 5-to-1+ return is always our goal.
PPC Management Experts

Long-Term PPC Relationships

Developing a long-term relationship allows us to become part of your team and understand your business goals.
Monthly PPC Reports

Monthly PPC Reports

We'll talk with you throughout the month and also provide a detailed report outlined everything we've optimized.

Our PPC Management Service Campaigns Include:

  • New campaign setup and creation
  • Ongoing ad copy creation
  • Ad extension management (site links, promotion extensions, product extensions, etc.)
  • Ongoing keyword research and refinement
  • Negative keyword expansion and cost savings
  • Ongoing bid management
  • Tactical planning and goal alignment (search, social, display, and video)
  • Budget management
  • A/B testing (ad copy, landing pages, bid strategies, etc.)
  • Demographic and Audience targeting and refinement
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Ongoing communication and account management
  • Data analysis and troubleshooting
  • Expert suggestions for scaling
  • & much more

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How does OuterBox manage a PPC campaign?

Account Set-Up

If you do not yet have campaigns running, we’ll set up your accounts, configure your campaigns, develop ad copy, and more. Once your account is set up we’ll remove all of the configuration with you for approval before campaigns go live and spend is turned on.

PPC Campaign Analysis & Implementation

If you have an active PPC campaign, let us review your historical data, current performance, and determine which steps to take to improve performance. Often we can edit your existing campaigns, but other times we’ll start over from scratch. We know that each client comes to us in a different situation, so we handle each campaign differently based on current standings and goals.

Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

Throughout your campaign, we’ll track conversions and analyze results. We’ll change ads copy, modify bids, and do whatever it takes to boost your conversion rate. Our goal is to drive leads at the lowest cost per lead possible!