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eCommerce Website Pricing: The Cost of an eCommerce Website in 2022

There are many eCommerce website companies to choose from, and different companies will tell you ALL kinds of different things that can make it hard to compare apples to apples (or eCommerce websites to eCommerce websites). So it’s important to understand the factors that go into eCommerce website development pricing. In some ways,  an eCommerce sale is like a race; if all other factors are equal, whoever has the better website and is found first wins. Some websites perform like Kia’s and some like Ferrari’s. And just like cars, some eCommerce websites are easier to build than others and they cost different amounts.

There are two main questions I ask potential clients before estimating an eCommerce website cost: “What are your sales and traffic goals?” and “What custom features and eCommerce platform will you need for the website to meet them?” The answers vary greatly depending on whether you’re a start-up, market leader, or something in between. So it makes sense that eCommerce website development costs can vary greatly, too.

For example, if you want to do $50,000 a year in sales, you can probably find an eCommerce website for around the $5,000 range using WordPress or a Shopify template. If you’re looking to do millions in sales, then the cost of your eCommerce website will be higher because more features and functionality will need to be built to gain a market edge.

Remember: Starting an eCommerce website is like starting any real business. It takes capital, planning, and a solid team to be successful. We work alongside our clients to be part of that successful team.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An eCommerce Website?

On average eCommerce website design & development prices range from $10,000 to $250,000 or more. The website cost will ultimately be driven by the complexity of the project, the platform you select (Shopify, WordPress, Magento, etc.) the eCommerce features you need, and the type of eCommerce website company you select (U.S. based, or overseas, in-house, or outsourced).

The Main Factors That Determine eCommerce Website Costs Include:

  • Website Design – There is a big difference in cost for a fully custom design vs. a template.
  • eCommerce Platform – The platform you choose (Shopify, Magento, WordPress, etc.) will greatly affect the cost of your eCommerce website.
  • Functionality – Custom eCommerce functionality needs and unique features will increase pricing.
  • Data Imports – If you need product data or past order/customer data imported, this can increase your website development costs. Be sure your database includes all of the data needed to run your website.
  • Marketing and SEO – A fully integrated marketing plan will boost the cost of the build, but it may be critical for SEO and driving traffic to your site.
  • 3rd Party Integrations – Making an eCommerce website work with an ERP or other third-party systems can often cost thousands.
  • Shipping Complexities – Some eCommerce businesses have complex shipping rules which can add development time to the project.
  • Responsive Design – The level of mobile design customization needs can add to development time.
  • Company Selection – Choosing a reputable, experienced company often costs much more but also provides more value. If the project is being outsourced overseas, it will be less expensive, but that comes with its own kind of cost.

eCommerce Website Pricing Factors:

eCommerce Pricing FactorSmall BusinessMid-Size BusinessEnterprise Organization
Website Design / Graphics$5,000$15,000$35,000
Back-End Programming$2,000$25,000$75,000
3rd Party Integrations$500$8,000$20,000
Data Imports$0$5,000$10,000
Content Management System$2500$20,000$50,000
Hosting$500 / year$6,000 / year$10,000 / year
eCommerce Website Maintenance$3,000 / year$12,000 / year$60,000 / year
SEO$12,000 / year$50,000 / year$120,000 / year

Pricing for Website Marketing and eCommerce SEO Services

Be sure to ask what marketing services are included in the initial eCommerce website development cost. Some companies offer eCommerce SEO services as part of their SEO packages, and some don’t. Having SEO features built-in is a huge benefit and could save you a lot of money down the road. It will also make your future SEO company’s or in-house team’s job a lot simpler and more efficient. Having marketing features built into your website is not a shortcut to page 1 rankings, but it is a major step in the right direction! Want to know more about ongoing SEO costs? Read our Complete SEO Pricing Guide.

Below is an example of one of our eCommerce SEO clients. If you need help with getting your eCommerce website to the top of Google, talk with our experts.

eCommerce Website SEO Results

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What Affects the Cost of an eCommerce Website Development Project the Most?

We all know the basics of an eCommerce website: categories features, featured items, product pages, related products, and so on. These are standard features, and they really shouldn’t drive up the cost.

Custom eCommerce functionality and back-end programming, on the other hand, is usually the greatest cost in a project. It’s also often the most important to help your business operate efficiently and to give your site a competitive edge. For example, you may want customized search functionality because of the type of product you sell. Not many of your competitors have it, and you know that it’ll help you get the sale. Or, stock levels may be crucial to you, so your eCommerce developer may have to sync the website database with your in-house inventory management system. That will run up the price of the website, but it will also eliminate hours of paying employees.

Create a list of all eCommerce features you suspect will be custom and be sure to share that list with the eCommerce web design company you’re choosing. This will help them to give you an accurate estimate.

Ecommerce Website Cost Example

Above: Custom preview functionality is an example of a feature that can increase the price of an eCommerce website.

Designs Impact on eCommerce Pricing

Now that we’ve discussed functionality, we have to consider how the website will look. The first impression is everything, and it’s important that the look matches your expectation in sales. An amateur-looking website can only convert visitors into customers at a much lower rate than a professional, custom eCommerce website.

Also, consider branding. If you have a large, established brand, your website should reflect this. On the web, you’ll get one shot to impress, so many eCommerce website owners spend big bucks making a site that sells based on the way it looks.

If you’re in need of a website that will be responsive (meaning optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets), a design will also need to be created for those devices. That adds additional time and costs to a project.

The low-cost route is using a pre-made template or design. This means the design is already done, and your logo or colors may be added to it. We do not suggest this for serious eCommerce websites, but it may fit your needs if you’re working with a shoestring budget.

Company Selection Affects Website Costs

The eCommerce development company you choose will certainly affect website pricing. Some companies are based in the U.S., and some are overseas. Remember, you’ll usually get what you pay for. A higher-priced company usually will provide more top-end work, while going overseas to save money often results in headaches and 2 a.m. phone calls. Be sure whoever you choose is reliable, has an actual office, and will be easily accessible when having questions, both during the development phase and after your website is completed.

If you would like to receive a free eCommerce website cost estimate from OuterBox, please call us at 1-866-647-9218. or request a website design estimate online. We look forward to talking with you.

eCommerce Website Pricing FAQ's

On average how much does it cost for an eCommerce website?

If you’re working with a professional web design agency you can expect to pay between $5,000-$25,000 on average for an eCommerce website.

How can you calculate the cost of an eCommerce website project?

While some companies offer online eCommerce website cost calculators, its very difficult to estimate the cost of a project without knowing your exact needs. With that being said, the main factors include the platform you’d like to use (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.), how many products you’ll have, the complexity of your design requirements, and data integrations you may need (ERP system, shipping software, accounting application, etc.) Most online cost calculators will ask you these types of questions to ballpark a cost. If you’d like a free customized quote, simply contact us.

Do eCommerce website platforms have base fees?

Depending on which platform you’re using they may have annual licensing fees or transaction fees. For example, a Magento Enterprise license starts at $20,000+ per year – and that’s just for your license, not for any design or development work. Shopify on the other hand, being a hosted eCommerce platform, charges monthly rates of $29 to $299 a month. Shopify also offers Shopify Plus which starts at $2,000 per month. Less expensive options include WordPress with WooCommerce, which will run you only about $10 for the basics. As you can tell, the software platform you choose will greatly impact the cost of your eCommerce website build.

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