Google Algorithm Updates & Change History

Keeping up with Google’s changes and algorithm updates are important for the success of your online business and search engine marketing strategy. At OuterBox we stay up-to-date on these algorithm changes to serve our client’s in the best possible way and deliver the best SEO results. As we track changes within our office we feel it necessary to not only share the updates but give our take on how the Google algorithm change will affect your rankings and results.

Unknown Update - Oct. 8th, 2016

While Google has not stated a major release on this date, we’ve seen some big spikes in organic traffic for our clients. Below are some Google Analytics charts overlaying each other. This could be a case of Penguin 4.0 taking full effect and now we are truly starting to see the changes that some people said they did not see when it was announced on Sept. 23rd.

Google analytics shows penguin 4.0 traffic changes

According to our client's analytics many sites organic traffic spiked beginning Oct 8th.

Penguin 4.0 Real-Time - Released Sept. 23rd, 2016

Penguin is now in the full core of Google’s algorithm. With over a 2 year wait for this to happen, some people are saying they don’t see much of a change in results. After this change happened we received many calls with potential customers looking for a new SEO company due to negative fluctuations in rankings. The common thread seemed to be they were working with an SEO company that had built, or was still building low-quality links. Google has been cracking down on link building for a long time, but this update may have set it in stone. Sites with lots of good content, real links (meaning natural internet users linking to their website because it has good content), have seemed to gain a lot of traction and we’ve seen month-over-month increase of 10-25% in many cases.

External Links to Learn More about Penguin 4.0

Google analytics shows penguin 4.0 traffic changes

Client case study: An example of comparing Sept. 23rd - Oct. 23rd to the previous period within Analytics.

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